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Commercial - $250-$350

Residential  - $100-$150

Fees are based on size of project, regularity and complexity of inspections, and distance traveled

Construction Draw Inspections include a monthly site inspection to provide a review of the contractor’s payment request and to evaluate the accuracy of the representations made of overall project completion, each scope of work, and stored materials on and off site.  


Upon receipt of a draw request, a thorough field inspection of the project is conducted and report emailed within 24 hours indicating the percentage of completion per scope of work or stage and include comments and a complete photo log. The report evaluates the description of work, percentage requested and the schedule of values as submitted in the AIA G702 and G703 pay application documents. The completed report is then forwarded to the third party consultant and or the lender. 


As a project engineer for a large commercial contractor I completed this work on a daily basis. I was responsible for walking jobs weekly, recording the completed work, inputting into our labor tracking software, and analyzing the productivity compared to the original estimate.


-Experience and knowledge
-Fast turnaround times

-Competitive fees, including volume discounts for multiple inspections in a single subdivision

-Friendly, reliable service

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