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A home maintenance inspection is basically the same as a standard home inspection, but it is done for the current owner. Many older homes have never had an inspection perfomed. I start by asking the homeowner questions about the house including history, repairs, additions, and any issues that they would like me to look at.  After living in a house, you know all the quirks and how things operate. I won't typically inspect things you know are working, such as appliances, but I will inspect for proper installation.


While a traditional buyers inspection is non-invasive, a homeowner maintenance inspection allows me to sometimes go a little ‘Holmes Inspection‘ on the house by cutting into stuff or taking things apart that I wouldn’t normally do, or be allowed to do for a traditional home inspection. I like the homeowner to be with me on a maintenance inspection and get their permission on moving things.


Why get a Maintenance Inspection?

A maintenance inspection is like a checkup visit to the doctor or dentist that should happen about every five years. Just like your body - house materials, systems, and appliances wear down, and develop problems over the years. A maintenance inspection will help prioritize a home improvement list, and find out small problems before they turn into big ones. I can also give advice on how to repair the items, or references to contractors.


A maintenance inspection also gives a completely unbiased viewpoint. Sometimes contractors exaggerate items just to sell their services.


It's a selling point for when you choose to sell. Just like when you sell your car and provide documentation of repairs, buyers like to know the house has been inspected and maintained.

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